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One part of dust shooting system is dust room that is a place for collecting and compacting dust bags ofall floors inside tank finaly exiting . so It is produced a number of dust in buildings with more floors or units whish is cause to compact more dust bags in dust room ٫ so compactor is installed for diminishing amount and carring facile.
Compactor abilities :
It is full  mechanic with electrical sensors compacts amount of dusts in tank from 40 ta 50 percents and store in tank or dust bags . By compact dust ٫ sapped dusts will be separated. It should be tube of  surplus dust sewer in dust room to control and offload room sawageout.
Technical specifications of system :                                                     
1. Automatic completely ٫ not need to operator
2. Minimum  space for system 2500 ×3500 × 3500 milimeters
3. Electricity for system 3 phase 25 ampere

Compactor system is recommended to use for dry dust for easy to recycle.