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Dust carring manual causes to scatter dust and undesired smell and produces bacterias. This matter is used for residential also building more. Shooting system is designed and made to facilitate dust carring and prevent of its problem .

Its advantages consist of :
1.Dust shooting provides family tranquility.
2. Dust shooting decreases traffic load of elevator in time s that should be transport out of building.
3. Dust shooting effects on diminishing of human forces ٫ electricity to be amortize elevator ٫ consequently it helps family economic .
4. Dust shooting omits sapped dust and trace of sapped dust ٫ and effects on cleanliness of building environment.
5. Dust shooting presents hygiene for the building . Hygienic conditions are : observed washing medial level of canal ٫ non – existence of insects ٫ omitting of undesired smell of dust in dust shooting.
6. How ever number of floor maybe mire in the building dust shooting system is more useful.
7. It should not content just canal and diffuser in dust shooting system ٫ it is necessary to a complete and up- to- date dust shooting system.